ChainStitchStore is Dhara Shah's curated collection inspired by her love of Eastern art.  

I'm honored to introduce Dhara Shah, the face behind ChainStitchStore. For those of you who follow @chain_stitch on Instagram, you have come to know her beautiful embroidered masterpieces.  

Having grown up with aunts and grandmas who routinely embroidered functional home goods, Dhara found a creative outlet through embroidery after working in the corporate sector.  Handmade embroidered art was a natural progression towards branching out into her own business. Dhara embraces a great passion for life - and it seems natural for us to see her curated linen collection embody art that echos her passionate spirit and her work.  Her book, "The Embroidery Handbook" and her signature embroidery kits are available on her Etsy shop ChainStitchStore.