The Cinnamon Girl Storybook

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Learning to explore and understand the feelings within ourselves, as well as care about the feelings of others, are important steps in learning how to be an empathic human. Little ones are curious and eager to learn - so why not introduce these important soft skills at an early age? 

In the Noisy Forest by the Sapphire Sea, a kind little girl believes that sharing time with others is key to healing hearts. The Cinnamon Girl encourages self-love and confidence using lyrical language. Did you know cinnamon comes from a tree? The inner bark is really quite nice. What matters is on the inside... and our story is much like the spice! 

Beautifully illustrated, this storybook is 42 pages and features Willow (aka The Cinnamon Girl) and her woodland friends as they build trust in themselves and with one another. 

BEHIND THE DESIGN: Where did the concept of a book come from? Well, first, there is the love of linen which led to the idea of an heirloom linen doll. Once the concept of the doll was well articulated, I got to work with a doll designer. Willow Prototype 6 (P6) has come to life! Made with sustainable linen and embroidery thread, this doll is filled with organic European wool. It's been a spectacular journey so far!  The Cinnamon Girl Linen Heirloom Doll will be available in 2022. 

Writing the story brought about the signature colors - Cinnamon, Cedar, and Marley. The Cinnamon Girl's goal is to connect readers with the story, the doll and our fabric colors. Hopefully, you will fall in love with the story's message, its characters and our theme-based textiles. 

SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY: Currently, we are partnering with afterschool programs in the US and Latin American Countries. The story is now being translated into Spanish. Details will be posted as soon as they become available.