Ilona Tambor Scarves

Ideals and Values – Sustainable, Ethical, Timeless Design

Ilona believes that imagination is forever. With each scarf her artworks bring imagination and the fantastical into daily life. The patterns she creates metamorphose into accessories that speak to those who live life-inspired. This is fashion for those with purpose and perception; those who take the time to enjoy the journey, appreciating the subtleties and nuances found along the way.

Imagination is a combination of creativity, hope, and belief. These three ideals are incorporated into the Ilona Tambor brand. By promoting imagination in her work, Ilona ensures that every piece espouses these values. With hope for a world with conscience, she ensures that the luxury fabrics and materials used in creating her accessories are sustainable and manufactured through ethical labour.

It’s this hope and belief that guides Ilona in crafting accessories that last. Hers is not a belief in fast fashion. Quality materials can last a lifetime, and a combination of ethically-sourced materials and timeless design means that your Ilona Tambor piece can always be a part of your personal story.