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With You in Mind

A capsule tablescape holds a thoughtful collection of tabletop items that, when put together, highlight a variety of looks and occasions. It's the art of reinvention, where familiar elements take on a whole new allure, much like adding the latest sweater to your favorite pair of jeans. Blending your cherished pieces with a new interesting salad plate or fresh linens can be effortless. We've taken the guess work out of #capsuletablescaping and have selected quality products that we think play quite nicely together. We can't wait to see the masterpiece you'll create!

What Stories We'd Tell

Let us savor the flavors of friendship accompanied by laughter that dances in the air like a melody. Your presence will complete the tableau of our shared experience.

So, my dear friend, won't you grace me with your company at this table of delights? Let us create memories to cherish and stories to tell, for in each other's company, every moment becomes a masterpiece.