Fabric & Care

 Distinctive in texture, linen holds an elemental luxury with an organic connection that is simple, strong and enduring. Long cherished in Northern Europe for its aesthetic and practicality, linen is woven from spun fibers of the flax plant. 

Naturally strong and durable, linen is also super friendly with Mother Nature - and your skin because it's hypoallergenic.  Being insulating and absorbent, linen is an ideal fabric for both apparel and home goods.  

Linen will remind you of its natural beauty as it softens, relaxes and lightens gradually with age.  Noisy Forest linen goods are thoughtfully designed and mindfully crafted in the USA from high quality Baltic flax that is sustainably grown, spun, woven and sourced from Lithuania (yep, my ancestral roots). 

Ideal for home, linen is perfect for the kitchen as it dries quickly and is inherently anti-microbial.  Being more mindful about our planet is easy with linens.  Instead of using disposable napkins or paper towels, simply take linen on your daily commutes, day trips, boat outings or picnics.  Campers and glampers rejoice!  Linens fold for compact storage and are environmentally friendly.  Pure linens are easy to pack and hang wherever you go – without any damp towel scent lingering throughout your trip.

Ensuring confidence in sustainable production our linen fabric is certified safe from harmful chemicals by OEKO-TEX globally accepted textile standards (unless otherwise stated in product description).

EASY CARE:  Your linen has been pre-washed to ensure the fabric will not shrink after the very first wash.  Machine wash in cold water with a mild detergent (not Tide). Because it's plant-based and the company's values align with ours, we use Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent. Do not bleach. 

Tumble dry low or hang dry to enjoy the beauty of its complex texture.  Simply mist with water to relax small wrinkles. If you prefer a crisp look to your linen,  you can iron on steam setting for a few seconds. 

Wool Dryer Balls work perfect for drying linen! We've used them for years in the studio which is why we decided to offer them here. 

After several washings, linen will soften and become lighter with age and use.  This is a normal characteristic of the textile.  Regarding natural linen color, shades may vary depending on the growing conditions (rain and sunshine) in Lithuania.  Therefore, a linen napkin you order today may vary in color and texture as compared to a napkin you order in the future.  It's all in the beauty of nature!