Lily of the Valley Salad Dessert Plate

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2024 New Item - Limited Inventory!

Ah, the Lily of the Valley whispers tales of verdant woodlands and the gentle caress of springtime breezes. Picture delicate, pendent bells of white blossoms dancing in harmony, their sweet scent enveloping the senses in a serene embrace. We are delighted to bring this plate from across the pond. Salad or dessert, this will surely add a touch of charm to your table. 

Crafted and hand-painted with meticulous care in Italy, each piece is a celebration of the timeless artistry that flourishes amidst Italy's rolling hills and sun-kissed vineyards. 

We are pleased to offer these plates by Les Ottomans, infused with intricate patterns, hues of green, and high-quality craftsmanship which add elegance and sophistication to any dining table or event.

    • One 8.25" Plate
    • Handmade in Italy
    • Hand painted ceramic naturally features slight variations in texture and color

EASY CARE: To protect the integrity of our beautiful ceramics, please consider washing by hand with a non-abrasive sponge.