Millefleurs - A Thousand Flowers Salad Dessert Plate

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May 2024 New Item - Limited Inventory!

Behold Millefleurs, a plate that tells us a story of a thousand flowers, with its adorned profusion of delicate pansies, timeless roses, regal geraniums, and graceful camellias, all kissed by a hint of vintage blue along the edges.

Millefleurs is a canvas of botanical beauty, handcrafted to grace your table and elevate your home. Welcome to a world where dessert becomes an affair of sophistication and style, where every bite is savored amidst a garden of timeless elegance.

We are pleased to offer these plates by Gien, infused with favorite garden party colors adding elegance and sophistication to any dining table or event. Gien Faiencerie Factory was founded in 1821 and has been the acclaimed producer of the supreme faience (pourous ceramic "paste" covered and protected by glaze) dinnerware and other artworks. 

    • One 8.6" Plate
    • Handmade in France

EASY CARE: To protect the integrity of our beautiful ceramics, please consider washing by hand with a non-abrasive sponge.